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Secretaries Message:

"Well Thought-out Reforms In Technical Education Is The Need Of The Hour "

​We, in India today, are living in a transitional era. On one hand, we are swamped by the global financial melt down while on the other, we are witnessing a slow but sure revival of the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. It is evident that highly trained and skilled professionals will be needed in vast numbers to enable our country’s transition towards industrial and financial self-sufficiency. In this changing scenario, technology will continue to be a major catalyst for enabling the country’s transformation.


So the demand for quality technical education in India is huge. In India pharmacy profession is undergoing a rapid change while concerning it to market of generic drugs. We on the behalf of Pragati College of Pharmacy realized the need to strengthen and upgrade the pharmacy standing to produce competent pharmacist workforce which is able to meet the growing demands of the industry and community.


Dr. Tanu Rahore,

Secretary, Pragati Welfare Society, Kashipur.