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Pragati Welfare Society, Kashipur: The Pragati Welfare Society, Kashipur  has been performing exceptional task of imparting education through its branches. Pragati Welfare Society, Kashipur offers excellent facilities for higher education. It runs various renowned health related educational courses in Kashipur from last 5 years.


Pragati College of Pharmacy, Kashipur

The idea of Pragati College of Pharmacy was laid by Mr. Munish Kumar Rathore retired Drug Inspector, Bareily and full fledge support from President of the society Dr. Naresh Chauhan, Renowned Surgeon in Kashipur running Pragati Hospital, Moradabad Road, Kashipur. The aim is to enhance the quality education in the field of Pharmacy and empower the quality pharmacist so that they serve the society to develop lifesaving drugs. Right from its idea for establishment the institute has clear vision to maintain the quality with assurance in terms of job and growth of pharmacy profession.