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To be a leading management institution that contributes to the development of business and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent and research.

To become a global Institute with emphasis on Quality and Competence.


  • Create intellectual capital in terms of scholarly and practice-oriented research relevant to its evolving techno-civilization context.
  • Foster a worldview that promotes diversity, inclusion, and ethical participation in the interconnected world of business.
  • Forge meaningful partnerships with industry, academia, government, and social sectors such that sustainable businesses are built fulfilling the collective needs of various stakeholders and the society.
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions in its peer group.

To produce Quality Managers as a resource for the growth and development of private and public enterprises.


  • To inculcate and imbibe Honesty, Integrity, Punctuality and Discipline as Core Values.
  • To apply Norms and Standards strictly to avoid any deviations from regulations for achievement of quality based education.
  • To develop the institute as a centre of learning.


  • Creating Value-rich Corporate Personality.
  • Navigating Corporate Lives of many.
  • Transforming Power to Conceive, Believe & Achieve.

The Philosophy of the Institute is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers of the future, focusing specially on:

  • Equipping student managers with a conceptual, analytical, interpersonal and team skills for managerial decision-making.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial capabilities in student managers to make them effective agents of change.
  • Inculcating a lifelong thirst for learning and setting standards of excellence in a managerial career.