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The fees paid by the candidate will not be refunded under any circumstances.

In case the candidate wants to discontinue before completion of the course, or wants to seek transfer to any other college, he/she shall have to forfeit the fees (non-refundable) prescribed for all the remaining years i.e. for the entire course.

Fees will have to be paid as per State Govt. norms prescribed from time to time.

College fees, University fee or other fees and all other payments shall be paid in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Pragati College of Pharmacy.

All the students must possess the official receipts of all payments till completion of the course.

Fees have to be remitted to Bank under respective heads mentioned earlier, within a week's time after declaration of University / Board results; otherwise the student will not be allowed to continue the course.

Cancellation of admission and refund of fees shall be as per PCI and BTE norms.

All students must wear college uniform and shall possess the I-card during college hours.

Mobiles are not allowed in classroom, library and laboratories.